For general attendees: The Dark Matter 2014 symposium will be held in the Northwest Campus Auditorium, a theater-style room on the west side of campus in Covel Commons, just behind Sproul Hall. An interactive campus map will show you the location. Click the Navigating UCLA link in the main menu for more details about the UCLA campus.

The first session on the morning of Wednesday February 26 begins at 10am, which should allow you to acquaint yourself with the campus and find your way up Bruin Walk and across the street to the auditorium. Registered speakers may pick up their name badges and information packets, as well as enjoy a continental breakfast set up in the auditorium lobby at 9:30am. Please note: no food, hot beverages, or sodas are allowed in the auditorium proper, although bottled water is permitted.

Lunches will be served to registered participants in the adjacent Salon A of Covel Commons and Rooms A & B in nearby Carnesale Commons. Sessions on Thursday and Friday morning will begin at 8am. Continental breakfast will be available from 7:30am. There will also be coffee breaks on mornings and afternoons in the lobby.

The reception Wednesday evening will be in Salon A. The banquet Thursday February 27 will be on the east side of campus in the California Room at the Faculty Center.

For speakers: Latest changes to the agenda are now online. If there are any updates to the title of your talk, please let us know. Please note the time alloted to your talk in the schedule so we can finish each session on time.

For your presentation we will have available an LCD projector, a microphone (podium and hand-held), a laser pointer/remote, and a conference laptop, which runs Windows XP. Talks can be pre-loaded onto the computer if you wish, or you may use your own laptop.

We will have wireless Internet available in Northwest Auditorium. Two network options are available: UCLA_WEB, an unsecured open network, which we recommend you use with your VPN enabled for security, and Eduroam, which you may access using your own Eduroam credentials from your participating university account.

Once your talk has been presented, we'd like to post your Powerpoint or PDF file to the agenda to share with other DM14 participants.

Either just before or after your talk, please upload a copy here.

We'll make sure not to publish your talk until after it's been given.

Any questions? Please contact us at any time.