The venue for Dark Matter 2014 is Northwest Auditorium at Covel Commons on the west side of the UCLA campus, just west of Drake Stadium and south of Sproul Hall. Click this map to enlarge.

If you're driving to UCLA: Enter campus from Sunset Blvd. and go to the information kiosk (marked "i" on the map at right) to purchase your daily parking pass for $12. The pass must be displayed while you are parked in any structure on campus. You will be directed either to PSV, P7, or P4. It's a short walk along Bruin Walk to the Northwest Campus Auditorium.

If you are staying at the UCLA Guest House: You have two options for getting to the Northwest Campus Auditorium (marked with a red arrow on the enlargeable map below). It's about a 20-25 minute walk from the Guest House via Dixon Court, Portola Plaza, then along Bruin Walk to the Northwest Auditorium. Click to enlarge the maps above and below to see details of the walk. This walk takes you through the center of campus, past the Physics & Astronomy Building, Kerckhoff Hall, Ackermann Student Union, Pauley Pavilion, and Drake Stadium.

A second option is via Metro bus. Using the same enlargeable map below to view details, board Metro bus number 2/302 at the corner of Wyton and Hilgard (bus stop number 28 on your map). Metro Bus 2/302 takes you along the eastern and southern end of campus to the corner of Strathmore and Gayley Streets, stop number 4 on your map. From this intersection it's a five minue walk up the hill to Northwest Auditorium. Return by boarding Metro 2/302 at stop number 5 and disembark across the street from the Guest House at the corner of Wyton and Hilgard. Metro bus fares are $1.50 (exact change only). Make sure the bus at stop number 28 displays "Sunset - P.C.H." as its destination. Buses with the destination "Westwood" travel only as far as Westwood Blvd. and Le Conte Avenue at the south end of campus. Click here for more bus maps of the region.

If you're staying at a hotel or motel in Westwood Village: For the bus, you may board the Metro number 2 bus at the corner of Westwood Blvd. and Le Conte Ave., stop number 10, westbound to Strathmore and Gayley, stop number 4 on your map, then walk five minutes up the hill to Northwest Auditorium. If you prefer to walk from the Village, take Westwood Blvd. north to Bruin Plaza and turn left at the statue of the Bruin Bear. Continue along Bruin Walk westward to Northwest Auditorium across Charles Young Drive next to Sproul Hall.

If you have made your reservation for the banquet on Thursday February 27 (open to registered participants who confirmed their attendance before February 18, the reservation cut-off date): this event will be held at the UCLA Faculty Center. Check this map to locate Northwest Auditorium (red arrow) and the Faculty Center (green arrow). To get to the Faculty Center from Northwest Auditorium: it's a 20 minute walk along Bruin Walk, around Schoenberg Hall to the Faculty Center, just south of Murphy Hall. By bus you can board Metro number 2/302 (stop number 5 on your map) eastbound, then disembark at stop number 30, Hilgard and Westholme. Each fare is $1.50 (exact change only).

We appreciate your participation in Dark Matter 2014, a self-supporting conference, and we look forward to seeing you next month. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Click either map above to enlarge.