March 21 - 23, 2013 at the UCLA Faculty Center

The UCLA Physics & Astronomy Department sponsors a three-day workshop on the Higgs boson and the development of a Higgs factory muon collider. Thursday and Friday sessions will be held at the UCLA Faculty Center, Saturday sessions at the Physics & Astronomy Department. The registration fee for UCLA Higgs 2013 is $100 for the workshop. Online registration is now available, and you may submit an abstract at any time. Topics to be covered at the workshop include:

- Latest results from the Large Hadron Collider
- S-channel muon collider Higgs
- Factory status of muon cooling and collider research
- h⁰ factory, A/H factory
- Calculations of the Higgs branching ratios

Members of the Organizing Commmittee

Vernon Barger (University of Wisconsin), David Cline (UCLA), Estia Eichten (FNAL), John Gunion (UC Davis), Gail Hanson (UC Riverside), Chris Hill (FNAL), William Marciano (BNL), Mark Palmer (FNAL), Don Summers (University of Mississippi)

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