Transportation options

If you're attending the Long-Baseline Neutrino Experiment collaboration meeting at UCLA's Covel Commons and would like to peruse frugal options for getting around Los Angeles, you're on the right page. Please click the map images to enlarge.

Map at left: upper Westwood Village, UCLA campus, Covel Commons.

As long as you don't mind a little walking, you can manage comfortably without a car. If you're staying in Westwood Village or nearby, it's about a 20-25 minute walk from Westwood Village to Covel Commons. If you want to take a city bus to Ackerman Student Union and walk from there, Covel Commons is about a 7-8 minute walk westward from Ackerman along Bruin Walk.

Map at right: lower Westwood Village, south UCLA campus.

Several city buses serve Westwood and stop at Ackerman Union. Catch a bus at the corner of Westwood and Lindbrook or Westwood and Weyburn going northward. The Santa Monica Blue Bus Line #12/Ackerman and Culver City green bus Line #6 go to the Ackerman Union turnaround. They arrive every 15-20 minutes and cost one dollar one way. Make sure the #12 Blue Bus says "Ackerman" as its stop. Some Line #12 buses terminate at the east side of campus rather than Ackerman. Your bus driver will be happy to clarify before you board and pay your fare.

UCLA is also served by a number of other public transportation options. In addition, shuttle services such as Super Shuttle from LAX are available at about $25 one way. The FlyAway Bus is another alternative at $5 one way from LAX to UCLA, arriving and departing from Parking Structure 32 near Kincross and Gayley (Map #2) on the west side of Westwood Village. The FlyAway Bus website is available here.

If you really want a frugal ride to UCLA from LAX, you can catch Culver City Green Bus Line #6 or Santa Monica Blue Bus Line #3 from the LAX Transit Center near Parking Lot C. You can get a free airport shuttle to the LAX Transit Center, then look for Culver City or Blue Bus lines. One way fare is one dollar. The ride is about 1.5 hours from LAX to UCLA with frequent local stops. The Culver City Green Bus Line #6 stops at Ackerman Union, while the Santa Monica Blue Bus Line #3 has stops at Le Conte and Westwood (south UCLA campus) and Hilgard and Westholme (east UCLA campus).

For further questions about the LBNE collaboration meeting agenda, housing, or transportation, please contact the organizers.

Meeting updates


Credit card payments may now be made online. If you've already registered, you'll receive an email explaining how to make your payment.


Please contact the organizers if you're looking to share a hotel or motel room with another attendee.


A detailed campus map is available online. If you're driving, enter the UCLA campus at Sunset Blvd. and Westwood Plaza, enter Parking Structure 4 to purchase your $10 daily parking pass, and proceed to Parking Structure SV to park.