2014 Aspen Winter Conference in Condensed Matter Physics
"Unconventional Order in Strongly Correlated Systems"

Aspen Center for Physics
Aspen, Colorado
January 5 - 11, 2014

Conference organizers:
Elihu Abrahams (UCLA)
Sudip Chakravarty (UCLA)
Steven Kivelson (Stanford)

About the conference

Strongly interacting quantum systems exhibit an astonishing variety of emergent behaviors, the study of which has long been central to many branches of physics and materials science. In recent years, many of the most intensive studies have been motivated by the discovery of various materials, which exhibit unconventional superconductivity, along with a variety of electronic phases with unusual broken symmetries, and/or behavior beyond the expectations of conventional Fermi-liquid theory.

The problems involved are deep and important. The reasons for designing a conference in this general area is to assess the progress made in the past year or two and to search for promising new directions. We propose a conference focusing on recent advances in understanding of unconventional forms of electronic order, both superconducting and non-superconducting.

About the Aspen Center for Physics

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